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Huion Note X10 Smart Digital Notebook

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  • Everything you write is simultaneously captured with vector lines and seamlessly transferred to your smartphone or tablet via the Huion Note app. It gives you digital copies of your handwritten work while still allowing the tactile aesthetic of pen to actual paper. This digital notebook also works alone by itself offline. You can save all the notes later to your device. Offline storage is supported up to 50 pages.
  • Add Voice To Your Notes
  • Using the digital notebook with the Huion Note app, you can record audio in sync with your notes. Replay audio from your mobile device to re-live important moments or check your notes to ensure nothing gets lost. It is perfect for students, teachers, and professionals.
  • Share Your Ideas
  • Easily share your notes, inspiration, drawings, and doodles right away as images or MP4 files with your classmates, teammates & colleagues, or export notes as PDF files to be stored or re-edited on the computer.
  • Organize Your Notes
  • You can merge, split, and move the pages into different groups in the Huion Note app. Keep your notes in one place and never lose track of your notes again
  • Re-edit Your Notes
  • Huion Note app provides various editing tools such as highlighter, eraser lassoes tool to help you re-edit your notes and highlight key ideas.
  • Multiple Functions for Note-taking
  • You can access editing tools in the Huion Note App, including highlighters, erasers, and lassoes devices to edit your notes. And the handwriting can be synced to your phone as an e-document.
    Sync meeting notes with audio to better re-live important moments and improve work efficiency.
  • A Digital Notepad For Any Occasion
    (Work, Art, Class, Inspiration & Many More)
  • Turn the notebook into a graphic tablet. Enjoy the natural digital drawing experience with accuracy.

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