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Security & Surveillance

Video Conferencing stands as a pivotal tool for businesses, facilitating seamless communication worldwide through both video and audio channels. It serves as a valuable resource for companies to engage with global partners, enabling face-to-face discussions that are both time-efficient and cost-effective.
Microworld provides versatile Video Conferencing solutions, offering both Point-to-Point and Multi-Point capabilities. These solutions can be software-based, appliance-based, or a combination of both, providing flexibility to cater to diverse business needs.

In the contemporary business landscape, Surveillance extends beyond the mere deployment of cameras and basic storage. Regulatory compliance demands a more sophisticated approach. Leveraging our alliances with industry leaders, we offer Surveillance solutions that address the evolving challenges of modern surveillance requirements.
Our solutions are built on products and technologies from renowned brands such as Polycom, Panasonic, Cisco, and others. This ensures that your current and future surveillance needs are met effectively.

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