Rs.8599 Rs.4750

1. 9 x 5 Inches

2. Advanced PenTech 3.0: Upgraded from PenTech 2.0 to PenTech 3.0, Inspiroy 2 art pad offers amazing precision & control over every line with no noticeable lag & wobble, just like a standard pen.

3. Ergonomics Pen Design: The new digital stylus PW110 is improved designed with slimmer body, soft silicone grip & accessible side buttons for better ergonomics & comfort.

4. Programmable Scroll & Shortcut Keys: Unique scroll wheel & 6 press keys can be customized to your favorite shortcut so that your creative work become smoother and more efficient. You also can change the setting for different apps.

5. Mobile Friendly: Enjoy creating on your Inspiroy 2 and see your drawings and paintings come to life on your Android smartphone or tablet (OS version 6.0 or later).

6. Multi-OS Compatibility: Inspiroy 2 pen tablet is compatible with Mac (MacOS 10.12 or later), PC (Windows 7 or later), Linux(Ubuntu) and certain Android devices (OS version 6.0 or later).

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